Thursday 2 July 2015


We've had a few submissions to our art book, but not enough to go into production.

The deadline has been extended to September 1, 2015.

You can send copies of your original Greyhound themed artwork to Erin.

The Greyhound Health and Wellness Initiative will receive the proceeds from sales again in 2015.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

High Five!

2015 marks the 5th anniversary of the Art Book Project in support of Greyhound health.  This year's proceeds will again go to the Greyhound Health Initiative.

We are now taking art/photography submissions for our 2015 Art Book (and we can't wait to see what you all come up with this year).  

The project specs are as follows:
    • Copyright of your images remains with you.  Artwork will not be used in any way without your permission (a consent form will be sent to you by email).  
    • There is no cost to participate.  
    • You can submit up to two images of your own original Greyhound/Galgo themed artwork (one will be chosen for the book). 
      • Art must be high resolution - at least 300 dpi
      • With each submission, please include: 
        • your name - as you want it printed in the book, 
        • your website, blog, facebook address (it is not mandatory that you have one of the previously mentioned) and 
        • the title of your art
        • a brief description is optional.   
    • Please send art & photography to: Erin.

    Monday 4 May 2015

    Full Moon Roo

    If any of you subscribe to CG magazine you've seen our new ad created by Suzi of Skinny Hound Designs. What you may not know is that the cover artwork (Full Moon Roo) is a textile created by Sandra Nelson Moye. 
    Here's what Sandra says about her art. 
    "As an Artist, it is often the everyday life that kickstarts one's creativity. My passion for the beauty and quirkiness of my greyhounds Stella, Jethro, Alec and Elroy have inspired me to combine my love of textiles, color and needlework into colorful, whimsical and stylized needle felted pillows. Just as one can not resist to reach out and touch the velvet ears of their greyhound, I want people to reach out and feel the tactile beauty of each pillow."
    Full Moon Roo was a donation to SEGA in Atlanta.
    Thanks again Sandra for donating the use of your beautiful art!

    Tuesday 10 February 2015

    Our New Ad

    Check out our new ad designed by past Art Book contributor, Suzie Collins of Skinny Hound Design.  

    It will be appearing in the upcoming Spring issue of CG Magazine.

    Thursday 4 December 2014

    The Greyhound Health Initiative

    We are proud to say that the 2014 Retired from Racing, not from Life Art Book will be raising funds for the The Greyhound Health Initiative Every penny is sent directly from the publisher to the Initiative.

    The Greyhound Health Initiative was started by Dr. Couto after his departure from Ohio State University.  

    We were hoping that he wouldn't be away for long!

    from GHI...

    "The Greyhound Health Initiative provides education to veterinarians, veterinary health care providers, greyhound owners and the general public about the unique medical and health issues of sighthounds by giving lectures, presentations and in service workshops. We offer medical consultations to veterinarians and owners in person and online. The Greyhound Health Initiative is working with sighthound rescue groups by providing direct veterinary care and funds. We will continue with cancer research and other medical issues afflicting greyhounds. Our work will improve sighthound health which will benefit the whole sighthound community."

    Tuesday 2 December 2014

    2014 Contributors

    A huge "Thank You!" to the following talented contributors.  

    We couldn't do this without you!

    Amanda Stump
    Christina Rock
    Cindy Duffala
    Hila Cartwright of Shannon O’Reilly Designs
    Joanne Bast
    Johann Groebner
    Julie Caprette
    Leigh Erskine
    Lesley Cadham
    Liz Joyce
    Lori Wallace
    Lorraine Corrigan
    Michelle Day & Steve Uyehara
    Marcie Sigrist
    Marissa Page
    Monica Dahl
    Patti Vincent
    Paul Morstad
    Robin Rosenthal
    Sandra Nelson Moye
    Sheila Schiefelbein
    Sue Muir
    Susan Taylor
    Walter Grzybowski

    Saturday 15 November 2014

    Judge a Book by its Cover!

    Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover!  

    The cover for last year's Retired from Racing, not from Life Art Book is truly inspiring.

    The art is by the wonderfully talented, Suzie Collins of Skinny Hound Designs. Please read about "Hope", her muse for the sketch.

    "The 2013 cover is an illustration created to honor and remember a very special little greyhound that was born the runt of her litter. She was so tiny that the Veterinarian didn't think she'd make it and recommended that she be euthanized. But her human momma knew better; she had hope, and so Hope was named. With a lot of extra special care and love, Hope was able to grow up and live a mostly normal life. Her body may have been tiny and fragile (barely bigger than a Whippet and maybe a little hunched), but her personality was bigger than the largest of her siblings and she ruled the roost! She may have had some struggles during her short time on earth, but she taught us what it meant to not give up, to keep fighting no matter the odds because there is always hope! Those of us lucky enough to have been touched by this amazing little girl carry her memory with us and know “There is always Hope...!”."

    -Suzie Collins, Artist