2015 Art Book Details

The artbook project is an extension of True North Greyhounds www.truenorthgreyhounds.ca, and is the 5th annual Art Book Project compiled by us to raise funds for charity.

The images used in the art book are donated from artists and photographers & all copyrights remain with the artists. 

100% of the proceeds raised from the sale of the 2015 book will be donated to the Greyhound Health Initiative
True North Greyhounds will receive no money from this project.  The money raised is sent directly from the publisher to the GHI.

The project specs are as follows:

  • Copyright of your images remains with you.  Artwork will not be used in any way without your permission (a consent form will be sent to you by email).  
  • There is no cost to participate.  
  • You can submit up to two images of your own original  Greyhound/Galgo themed artwork (one will be chosen for the book). 
    • Art must be high resolution - at least 300 dpi
    • With each submission, please include: 
      • your name - as you want it printed in the book, 
      • your website, blog, facebook address (it is not mandatory that you have one of the previously mentioned) and 
      • the title of your art
      • a brief description is optional.   
  • Please send art & photography to: Erin.

More details to be released soon...

What does the book look like?

How can we order the book?

How much will it cost?