Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Drum Roll Please! Our Cover Unveiled!

Our cover art, Freedom, is from Doodle Dog's Kellie Oliphant-Burns.  Her cutie pie, Rupert, posed with the 4' x 3' painting before it was shipped to its new home in Colorado.  (Our apologies to Rupert, he doesn't appear on the cover :)

Freedom is part of the Undying Love Collection painted for last year's Dewey Beach Greyhounds in Art Show.  If you look closely, you'll see a feather in the lower right hand side of the painting (as well as one beside Rupert).  Feathers have a special meaning to Kellie, and her story behind the painting gives it additional appeal.

Here is an excerpt.  The full story and original painting will appear in the Art Book.

"When I was young my grandmother would tell me that to find a feather was a special gift.  It is a message from a loved one that had passed on telling you that they are alright and they are watching over you, protecting you, and always with you."...Kellie

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Nancy said...

Stunningly beautiful. And so heartwarming!